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Video: Should dissatisfied patients get their money back?



In this video/text, Arthur Caplan, Ph.D., of the Division of Medical Ethics at the New York University Langone Medical Center discusses whether patients should get their money back if they’re dissatisfied with their hospital experience.

He generally likes the idea, which has been most famously promoted by the often cutting-edge Geisinger Health System, in central Pennsylvania, but adds this caveat:

“My only reservation is whether patients start to think more about such matters as how long they waited to get their car back from the valet or how long they had to sit in the waiting room, rather than asking hard questions about the actual care they received, by diverting them more to the frosting and away from the cake of whether we did a good job of providing care.

“However, putting that aside—and it’s not a small matter to put aside—part of healthcare is making sure the experience is satisfactory to the customer. And if money-back guarantees can make that experience better, then I guess I’m for it.”

To watch the video, please hit this link.

How to narrow PCP-hospitalist communication gap

With hospitalists taking on larger roles and more and more primary-care practices being taken over by hospital systems, tensions between primary-care physicians and hospitalists over the proper course of treatment for primary-care physicians’ hospitalized patients can be intense and the communications gaps wide.

Cheryl Pegus, M.D., director of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation at New York University Langone Medical Center, touts open communication and coordinated care by the two groups  in this video.

Bu in their  Medscape comments about Dr Pegus’s upbeat video, frustrated physicians indicated that the nice things, including professional collegiality, she describes are not yet the reality they experience.

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