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Apple eyes medical-clinic business

Apple seems to be considering entering the clinic business. CNBC reports that the huge tech company recently spent months in acquisition talks with medical-clinic company Crossover Health, which runs Apple’s on-site clinics for employees, although no deal has been reached

The network also said that Apple, which has some health-related initiatives already underway, also contacted primary-care vendor One Medical about buying it.

Healthcare Dive reported that it’s not clear if Apple seeks to own and run a clinic network, which might be set up in some ways similar to its retail stores, or wants a vehicle for selling such health-related products as the Apple Watch.

Crossover Health provides on-site and near-site health and wellness centers for self-insured employers in the San Francisco Bay area, New York City and some other places.

Of course, buying or otherwise partnering with a primary-care network would give Apple easy access to providers who could test and use its burgeoning number of products.

To see the CNBC report, please hit this link.

To read Healthcare Dive’s take on the story, please hit this link.



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