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A bad year for digital health?



Here’s a discussion on whether it’s reasonable to be pessimistic about digital-health and related products.

One discussant, venture capitalist Lisa Suennen, told MedCity News that there’s been “a lot of optimism about the convergence of biotech, life sciences and health IT, but also there was a sense of foreboding that the party is over in some of these areas.

MedCity’s Stephanie Baum, for her part, predicted:

“It’s definitely going to be a quiet year for IPOs in digital health. I think people are going to be buckling down and getting ready for 2017. In 2015 we had Teladoc and Fitbit, but this year, there may be one or two, but it’s definitely going to be quiet on that front.”

Healthcare paradox


“Pessimistic optimist” Lisa Suennen looks at the paradox involved in trying to answer the question “Is healthcare getting better?”


Mickey Mouse, M.D.

(Video included in link.)

Lisa Suennen  writes in MedCity News:

”I expect we are going to see a lot more collaborations between healthcare and consumer products companies like unlikely alliances {one between Disney and Eli Lilly} that go at the core of two of the most serious healthcare challenges: health literacy and behavior change.

”If we could ‘fix’ those two problems, I suspect that we could cut the costs of the healthcare system by at least a third by eliminating many of the medical errors, treatment compliance problems borne of lack of understanding and cultural medical miscues.”

”Healthcare companies had better co-opt those consumer brand companies into helping them communicate with consumers or they may just end up working for them.”

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